The RW loudspeaker is the ultimate expression of our Auditorium design. Developed with the insight afforded by our Kondo KSL electronics, the RWs benefit from almost four years of meticulously painstaking auditioning, re-considering every detail and part of the loudspeaker from cabinet construction to component choice. The result is a speaker which simply lets more music flow through, offering a palpable performance of coherence, scale and musical significance irresistible to a true music lover.
Specifications & Available Finishes • High sensitivity, wide dispersion MTM driver topology • 750-density hardwood composite enclosure • Stiff internal triple bracing • Living Voice hand-wound air core inductors • Mechanically isolated crossover • Optimised crossover layout • Star earthing • Crystal oriented internal wiring harness • Hovland discrete film and foil Musicaps • Proprietary non-inductive wire wound resistors • Scanspeak D2905/990000 Revelator tweeter • Proprietary 6.5”doped paper bass/mid drivers • Platinum WBT binding posts • Select components cryogenically treated • Premium furniture grade, book-matched grain-filled veneers: Cherry, Walnut, Maple, Santos Rosewood, Black Ash, Satin Walnut, Burr Oak, Ebony & Bamboo