Paua mk II

Paua mk II

StylusContact Line Nude, 0.100mm SQ

Radius of curvature Nude Contact Line SELECTED

CantileverTelescoping Aluminum Alloy

Recommended Tracking force:1.7 to 1.9 Grams

Effective tip mass 0.30 mgCompliance10µm/mN (low compliance)
Frequency response 20-20,000 Hz ± 1.0 dB

Channel Separation (stereo only)

  1000 Hz >34 dB
  50-15,000 >25 dB

Channel difference

  <0.5 dB (Stereo)
  <1.0 dB (Mono)

Output @5 cm/sec0.3 mV

Cartridge weight 10.25 Grams

Loading:470 Ohm model Standard

Loading range 300-800 Ohms recommended load