TRIGON EXXCEED - is a integrated amplifier to which you can connect 9 source devices (CD player, tuner, TV set etc.). There are 4 analog inputs and 4 (5) inputs for digital sources. The integrated headphone amplifier can operate with an impedance between 32 and 250 ohms. The powerful analog output stage can drive loudspeakers with an impedance from 3 ohms.

The Exxceed can be operated via two rotary knobs and four touch sensors as well as the optionally available IR remote control Director Premium. The LED displays are customizable to your personal needs. The TFT display informs you about all settings. The color of this display is individually adjustable.

The massive case of the Exxceed consists of 2mm steel plate as well as a 10mm strong aluminum front panel. The device feet work according to the principle of the plate spring and decouple the Exxceed effectively from the stand. Due to this elaborate housing design, sound effects are minimized through microphony.

Output Power

2x 100W / 2x 170W   8/4 Ohm


5x analogues, 4x digital SPDIF


plus optional 1x USB-HiRes Audio PCM/DSD

Input Impedance

analogues 47kOhm


1x Speaker, 1x Cinch (Pre/Rec), 1x XLR Pre Out

1x Phones (32 - 250 Ohm)


< 0,015%

Frequency Response

5Hz - 250kHz (-3dB)


< -80dB


< -92dBA at 1W at 4 Ohm

Optional Equipment

IR remote control DIRECTOR


18,3 kg


3 years


440mm X 110mm X 380mm  (BxHxT)



Specifications subject to change