The Auditorium is designed to preserve and convey the artistic merit, energy and nuance in a musical performance. While this may seem a stunningly obvious goal for a manufacturer to strive for, in practice many loudspeakers discard much of this vitality and expressiveness in pursuit of a ‘better’ technical specification.
Specifications & Available Finishes • High sensitivity, wide dispersion MTM driver topology • 750-density hardwood composite enclosure • Proprietary hand wound air core inductors • Mechanically isolated crossover • Optimised crossover layout • Proprietary non-inductive wire wound resistors • Vifa D26TG–05-06 1” fabric diaphragm dome tweeter • Scanspeak C17WG76-08 6.5”doped paper bass/mid drivers • Premium furniture grade, book-matched grain-filled veneers: Cherry, Walnut, Maple, Rosenut & Black Ash